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Activities of UNEP Special Envoy, Ms. Tokiko Kato (From 2000 to 2011)

In October 2000, Ms. Tokiko Kato was appointed as Special Envoy for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Since then, Ms. Kato had visited environmental protection and conservation activities taking place at the grassroots level in the Asia Pacific region in order to encourage those involved, as well as to publicize these activities.
GEC supported her activities in commission from the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

Message from Ms. Tokiko Kato

“How much change has mankind wrought upon the earth over the past three decades?

The more I travel through Asia, the more I am overwhelmed by feelings of astonishment and anxiety.
Poverty threatens the dignity of beautiful peoples who have flourished through thousands of years of history.
The great power and wealth that humans have acquired now threaten to extend the hand of destruction to all corners of the globe.

Unless immediate actions are taken to stop the loss of forests and the collapse of farming communities, we are all going to lose our homelands.

The future lies in the small, humble strength of the many: in ongoing efforts and modest lifestyles.”


    Activities of Ms. Tokiko Kato

    January 11-20, 2011Bangladesh and Nepal
    Urban waste management, Arsenic contamination of groundwater in Bangladesh
    Eco-tourism, glacial melting caused by climate change in Nepal
    April 4-24, 2009Fiji and Tuvalu
    Planting Mangroves in Fiji, Waste Issues Facing South Pacific Small Island Nations, Tuvalu's Inland Flooding
    August 12-22, 2008Australia
    Wetlands Partnership Ensures Bird Conservation, Environmental Awareness on Green Island, Conservation on Environmental Water
    August 13-23, 2007Viet Nam
    Balanced Forestry Management, Water Contamination in Beautiful Ha Long Bay, Hanoi 3R Initiative
    August 17-25, 2006Malaysia
    Conserving Rainforest Biodiversity, Co-Existing with Wildlife
    August 30-
    September 8, 2005
    Thailand and Sri Lanka
    Recovering from the Tsunami
    July 19-28, 2004China
    Water Shortage and Apricot Harvest, Capacity-Building for a Sustainable Environment
    May 16-23, 2004India
    Environmental Education Catering to Diverse Cultures and Languages, Animal Energy, Sustainable Sewage Treatment
    September 8-18, 2003Fiji and Tonga
    Fishery Reform in Tonga, Planting Mangroves in Fiji, Waste Issues Facing South Pacific Small Island Nations
    May 13-24, 2003Uzbekistan and Kyrgyz Republic
    Environmental Deterioration of the Aral Sea, Beautiful Lake Issyk-Kyl, Environmental Education in Kyrgyzstan
    August 22-31, 2002South Africa
    Concert at the World Summit for Sustainable Development
    April 6-13, 2002Republic of Korea
    UNEP’s Window to South Korea, Vital Water Source for Seoul, Environmental World Cup
    August 10-19, 2001Mongolia
    Ong River, Dundgobi Province-Destiny of a River-, Eco-Conservation of Lake Huvsgul
    April 17-27, 2001Thailand and Indonesia
    Bangkok Slum Environmental Reform Project: "Clean and Green Project", Initiative to Conserve the Biodiversity of Gunung Halimun National Park
    February 5-9, 2001 Kenya
    UNEP 2nd Global Ministerial Environment Forum, Children Who Have Never Seen Animals
    Activities within Japan
    Strong Ties to Lake Biwa, Inspection of Citizen's Environmental Conservation Efforts at Fujimae Mudflats, Awarness-Raising Activities through Participation in Symposium

    Profile of Ms. Tokiko Kato

    Born in Harbin, China in 1943, Ms. Kato won the 2nd Japan Amateur Chanson Contest and made her singing debut in 1965 while still a student at the University of Tokyo. Ms. Kato also won the “New Artist of the Year” and “Best Singing Artist” awards, and has released numerous albums and hit songs. Performing energetic concerts in Japan, Ms. Kato singing abilities also garnered considerable attention overseas and in 1988, she became the first Japanese female to perform a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York. In 1992, Ms. Kato was awarded the Chevalier Medal for Culture from the French Government.

    Ms. Kato has been actively involved in global environmental issues and was designated as a Councilor by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Japan in 1997 then appointed as UNEP Special Envoy in October 2000. Visiting countries throughout Asia and Oceania, Ms. Kato has relayed her firsthand experience on the state of the natural environment to a wide audience, as well as engaging in numerous exchanges through music.
    In April 2008, Ms. Kato gave a concert at the United Nations World Earth Day in the General Assembly Hall of the UN Headquarters, and reported on her activities to date as UNEP Special Envoy. In the concert, Ms. Kato gave a passionate rendition of her songs.
    In Japan, Ms. Kato continues to work towards the realization of a recycling-oriented society with a younger generation.

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