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WEEE/E-waste Management Workshop on Take-Back System, 13-15 July 2011

UNEP/IETC is currently focusing on the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste) under its waste management program, and held a workshop on e-waste management in Osaka, Japan on 6-9 July 2010. The outcome of the workshop identified a need to build the capacity on e-waste “take-back system” and develop policy frameworks and financial mechanisms required to sustain the system. In this context, IETC prepared a draft manual on e-waste take-back system, and organized the 2nd workshop on e-waste management focusing on take-back system on 13-15 July 2011 in Osaka, Japan in collaboration with GEC.

On 13 and 14 July, expert training was provided for government officials from 7 Asian and African countries using the draft manual. There was also a dialogue session among the government officials, global electronic device manufacturers and researchers. The discussion covered a range of issues including the availability of various e-waste collection methods and operators, at what point of the product life cycle and from whom should collection and processing costs be recovered, who should be responsible for collection and recycling of imported second-hand goods, and how to cope with the informal sector which is heavily involved in e-waste in developing countries. The discussion also resulted in a general consensus on the inability to simply apply one country’s e-waste management and take-back system to that of another country, and the need to develop a system suited to that country’s society based on a consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of various e-waste management and take-back systems.

On July 15, various initiatives on e-waste take-back and recycling were introduced by the above-mentioned government officials along with participants from home appliance manufacturers, trading companies, universities, research organizations, and international agencies.

Presentation materials of the workshop are available from UNEP/IETC’s website at:


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