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2nd Consultation Workshop on Waste, 18-19 November 2010

The generation of waste is increasing rapidly due to urbanization and industrialization. Moreover, population growth and urbanization in developing countries is very high compared to OECD countries, resulting in significantly higher total waste volumes. Furthermore, several new waste streams have emerged, specifically e-waste and hazardous waste.

There is a clear need for strategies to redesign conventional waste management systems to effectively and efficiently handle the growing amount of waste characterized by diversified waste streams. Integrated solid waste management strategies should also incorporate the 3R principles and thus promote resource efficiency. However, awareness of resource recovery and the number of industries utilizing waste as a resource are low in developing countries. Although the awareness of resource recycling is increasing in some developing countries, most local governments in developing countries lack the financial and technical resources to implement essential waste management.

Following the 25th Governing Council of UNEP’s request for accelerated support of waste management, UNEP has proposed the establishment of a “Global Partnership on Waste Management (GPWM)” to support partnerships among various stakeholders on waste management, including international organizations, national and local governments, the private sector, and NGOs.

Aiming to establish a framework for the GPWM, UNEP/IETC organized the “Second Consultation Workshop on Waste” on 18to 19 November 2010 in Osaka, Japan in cooperation with GEC. The objectives, focal areas of work, and operational guidelines were finalized after discussions among representatives from national government of 14 countries and 6 international organizations/institutions.

18-19 November 2010
Global Environment Centre, Osaka, Japan
- National Governments
Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Lethoto
India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia
Latin America
- International Organizations, Research Institutions
ISWA, UNDP, UNCRD, AIST, Thammasat University, EU, SBC

Meeting materials are available from UNEP/IETC's website at:

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