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“Eco-Town Stakeholders’ Discussion and Workshop” and Needs Survey for “GEC Eco-Town Database Project” in Penang (Malysia) and Bandung (Indonesia)

As part of UNEP IETC’s Eco-Town project, GEC and IETC jointly organized the entitled workshops on 24 August 2009 in Penang, Malaysia and on 27 August in Bandung, Indonesia. GEC gave a presentation on “Eco-Town Initiatives in Japan” and “GEC Eco-Town Database Project”, also participated in the brainstorming discussion on Eco-Town Concepts for sharing and gathering information from various stakeholders.

GEC also conducted a face-to-face interview with some business enterprises and recyclers as a needs survey on “GEC Eco-Town Database Project” in both cities, in cooperation with SERI(Socio Economic Research Institute), Penang and IOE (Institute of Ecology), Bandung in order to introduce appropriate technologies and systems in Japan to establish their Eco-Town. For the next step, GEC will conduct a research to collect and obtain data from Eco-Towns in Japan, based on the results of the needs survey.

Eco-Town Workshop (Penang)
Eco-Town Workshop (Bandung)
Eco-Town Workshop (Bandung)
Separation of plastic bottles in a recycle Factory (Penang)
Textile effluent treatment facilities(Bandung)

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