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NETT21 - GEC's Database on Environmental Technologies in Japan

In 1995, the Global Environment Centre (GEC) developed an Internet-accessible database on environmental technologies in Japan called "NETT21: Database on New Environmental Technology Transfer in the 21st Century".
The purpose of the database is to promote environmental conservation and Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs) transfer in developing countries.
In order to respond to the diverse needs of users, GEC is continuously enhancing and updating data in NETT21.
  • Information and expertise on Japanese environmental technologies, encompassing a broad range of information including improved methods and procedures as well as basic technologies, entered and classified by technological designation to comprise a multipurpose ESTs database.
  • Total Listings : 1,465 (as of March 2010, ongoing updating)
  • Keyword Search : Available on each database for maximum userfriendliness.
  • Category Search : Available within the Cleaner Production database.

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