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Workshop on “An Environment for Eco-Towns: Setting the Strategic and Thematic Environmental Priorities for Bandung’s Industries” and a Presentation Ceremony of Chopping Machines in Bandung, Indonesia

In collaboration with UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) IETC (International Environmental Technology Centre), GEC (Global Environment Centre Foundation) jointly organized the entitled workshop and a presentation ceremony of chopping machines to be used for reducing wastes activity in the city, utilizing the environmental donation from Osaka citizens. The details are as follows;

(1) Workshop on “An Environment for Eco-Towns”

Date and Time: 8:30-12:30, 13 March 2009
Venue: The Luxton Hotel, Bandung Indoneia
Organizers: GEC, UNEP IETC
Participants: 60 participants (including MOE Indonesia, West JAVA Province, Bandung City, Community Group, etc.)


Welcome remarks;
  • Bundung City (message from City Secretary, Mr. Edi Siswadi)
  • GEC – Mr. Kazuhiko Mitsuoka, Managing Director
  • UNEP – Dr. Hari Srinivas, Programme Officer

Keynote Presentations;
Panel Discussion
Theme: Development of waste reduction project with local participation and Contribution for Eco-Town project

Panelists and Presentations

(2) Presentation Ceremony of Chopping Machines

Scene of the cememony
Chopping machine

Date and Time: 14:00-15:30, 13 March 2009
Venue: No.13 Sekeloa Village, Bandung, Indonesia
Participation: 300 participants (approx.)

  • Welcome remarks and speech
Mr. Ir. Sholahuddin, Community leader of House Hold No.13, Sekeloa Village
Mr. Anton Sunawibowo, City Development Planning Board, Bundung City Government
Mr. Kazuhiko Mitsuoka, Managing Director, GEC
  • Presentation signing ceremony
  • Demonstration of chopping machines
  • Ceremony of plating a memorial tree
  • Closing

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