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Bandung Eco-town Workshop
- Sharing Information and Experiences in Developing "Recycle Oriented Society" for Communities and Industries -

Global Environment Centre (GEC) has been supporting the Eco-town project of the United Nations Environment Programme/International Environmental Technology Centre (UNEP/IETC) since 2004. Bandung City, Indonesia is one of the target cities of the project.

In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Bandung City, "Eco-Creative Fest-Fair" was organized on 21-22 September 2010 at Bandung City Hall by BAPPEDA of Bandung City Government and the Institute of Ecology (IOE) of Padjadjaran University, to demonstrate local initiative and innovation (community, school and private) related to 3R efforts at the City level, and exposes eco-friendly products especially from private companies.

As a part of this commemoration event, GEC and IETC co-organized the "Bandung Eco-Town Workshop" with Bandung City Government on 21 September 2010.
The objectives of the workshop were:
  • To share information and experiences of the cities, communities, and private sectors in Indonesia and Japan in implementing Eco-town or toward Eco-town/city;
  • To share information on appropriate technology solutions that communities and private sectors have to adopt in order to reduce their negative impacts on the environment and to develop recycle oriented society; and
  • To highlight the environmental policy that is necessary for proper management of environmental technologies.
The workshop was attended by the Indonesian central government, provincial government, local government and authority, private sectors, environmental technology suppliers, local communities and NGOs. Representatives from Penang, Malaysia, which is another target city of the Eco-town project, also attended the workshop.

*This workshop was implemented as a part of the GEC's project on "Environmental Technology Database Creation Project for Building Resource Recycling-based Societies in Developing Countries", funded by the Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Environment Fund.

1 Date & Time: 21 September 2010 (Tuesday) 10:00 - 12:30, 13:30 - 15:30
2 Venue: Bandung City Hall, Indonesia
3 Organizers: GEC, UNEP/IETC, BAPPEDA of Bandung City Government, Institute of Ecology (IOE) of Padjadjaran University
4 Agenda

Organizer ReportBAPPEDA
Opening RemarksMayor of Bandung City
Keynote SpeechMinister of Environment, Indonesia
Starting Visit Exhibition Booths
Opening Remarks of the Workshop
Overview of the Workshop
Revitalizes ADIPURA Program: Environmentally Sustainable Cities Toward Eco-CitiesMinistry of Environment, Indonesia
Eco-towns in the Asia-Pacific RegionUNEP/IETC
Eco-town Initiatives by Private Sectors and Local Governments in JapanGEC
Application of Environmental Technologies in Developing CountriesInstitute of Developing Economies, JETRO
Creating an Eco-Town Policy Environment in PenangSocio-economic & Environmental Research Institute, Penang
Q&A, Exchange of informationUNEP/IETC
(Lunch Break)   
Prakarsa Pemerintah Provinsi Jawa Barat dalam rangka pengembangan Eco Town di Cekungan Bandung (West Java Provincial Government initiative for the development of Eco Town in the Bandung Basin)Badan Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup Daerah (BPLHD)
(in Indonesian)
Initiative of Bandung Eco-Town Program towards Bandung Green and HarmonyBandung City
Towards Sustainable Waste Management in IndonesiaPT. Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLi)
Initiatives of PT. Indonesia Toray SyntheticsPT. Indonesia Toray Synthetics
Initiatives of PT. Mukti Mandiri LestariPT. Mukti Mandiri Lestari
Berbagi Pengalaman Implementasi Pengelolan Lingkungan Di Tingkat Masyarakat Kota (Sharing Experiences in the implementation of City Environmental Management at the Community Level)Rohadjie Trie Wahyono
(in Indonesian)
Q&A, Exchange of informationIOE

Banner of the workshop
Opening remarks by the Mayor of Bandung City
Keynote speech by the Minister of Environment
Venue of the workshop
Eco-Creative Fair & Fest
Products made from wastes
Exhibition of a micro wind turbine

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