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Bandung Eco-town Evaluation Workshop

Following the “Bandung Eco-Town Workshop” held on 21 September 2010, Bandung City Government and the Global Environment Centre (GEC) organized the “Bandung Eco-Town Evaluation Workshop” on 9 December 2011 at Bandung City Hall, Indonesia.
Bandung City was selected in 2006 as the one of the pilot cities for UNEP/IETC’s eco-town project in order to respond to environment issues around the Asia Pacific region.
As a pilot city, Bandung City Government has been developing and trying to implement the eco-town concept from a local perspective, which includes plan, regulation, institution, program and activities. The developed Bandung eco-town concept refers to the long and middle term development plan. Solid waste management became the main issue of Bandung eco-town implementation.
The main goal of Bandung eco-town concept is to establish a recycling society in Bandung. 3R of Bandung eco-town concept includes the management of both domestic and industrial solid wastes. The strategy for the Bandung eco-town concept is to deal with marketing and investment issues of 3R based industries in the frame of creative economic development.
After five years from the Bandung’s involvement in the eco-town project, there should be an evaluation to observe the progress of implementation, to identify the problems and challenges and to seek the solution to overcome.

Objectives of the Workshop
- To discuss the progress of Bandung eco-town program and how the objectives and targets has been achieved.
- To identify the problems faced during implementation and challenges for the future
- To seek recommended solution to overcome the problems and challenges facing

- Local Government Institution related to eco-town program: BPLH, BAPPEDA, PD Kebersihan, Dinas Pertanian, Dinas Pemakaman dan Pertamanan, Dinas Perindagkop
- Provincial Government Institution: Bappeda Propinsi Jabar, BPLHD
- Community Group: Bandung Green and Clean and others
- Representative of community involved in recycling activities
- Representative of green schools (SMP, SMA)
- Representative of small and medium industries involved in recycling activities
- Representative of media group (radio and newspaper)

The workshop was attended by 30 participants from local government, NGOs, small and medium industries, schools, etc. The participants shared information on the overview of Bandung eco-town program and local initiatives on waste management with 3R in collaboration among the city government, corporate, NGOs and media. Japanese participants from GEC and Kawasaki City Government introduced the eco-town initiatives in Japan and
GEC's eco-town recycling technology database, and the progress and implementation of Kawasaki City’s eco-town program respectively. Then participants discussed how to promote community activities and citizen participation in 3R and environmental initiatives, how to develop environmental education programs and systems, and the role of mass medias for promoting environmental activities. Through the discussion, it was recognized and confirmed that further collaboration and involvement of wider stakeholders are important for promoting 3R and creating better environment in the city.

Workshop Agenda
Overall moderator/facilitator: Ms. Kamalia Purbani, Expert staff for the Mayor on Information of Technology, Bandung City Government
Bandung Eco-town OverviewMr. Ahmad Rekotomo, Head, Environmental Management Board (BPLH), Bandung City Government
(in Indonesian)
Eco-Town Initiatives in Japan and GEC's Eco-Town Recycling Technology DatabaseMr. Makoto Fujita,
Global Environment Centre (GEC)
Environment Technology Transferred from Kawasaki City to the World: Past Experience and Message for the FutureMr. Takekazu Inoue, Kawasaki City Government, Japan
Bandung Green and Clean Program 2011Lembaga Penerapan Teknologi Tepat (LPTT), Bandung
(in Indonesian)

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