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Grassroots Project for Environmental Protection in Ha Long Bay Area, Vietnam (2009-2012)
Activity 5-2: Mangrove planting involving local residents and citizens

Mangrove planting events were organized twice with participation of residents in floating villages and local citizens in land in order to raise awareness and understanding on environment protection at Ha Long Bay. Mangrove plantings were organized in order to promote exchange between young generation from Vietnam and Japan. Furthermore, a booklet on mangrove planting was prepared to facilitate understanding on the importance of mangrove forests and how to plant mangrove seedlings. At the event, explanatory meetings were held for event participants to increase understanding regarding mangrove planting using the booklet. This booklet has been also authorized by the Education Department of Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee and distributed to the event participants as well as to elementary schools in coastal areas of Quang Ninh Province.
Booklet: Mangrove Planting for the Green of Ha Long Bay (in Vietnamese and English)

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