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Grassroots Project for Environmental Protection in Ha Long Bay Area, Vietnam (2009-2012)
Activity 5-1: Environmental education for school children of floating villages

In order to ensure that environmental education continues to be carried out at primary schools in floating villages, as a means of raising environmental awareness among the residents of floating villages, teaching materials were prepared for environmental education for floating school children, consisting with why the marine environment be protected, how to measure sea water quality with simple methods, what be done at household level to protect the marine environment. Then, the materials were compiled into a textbook, and briefing sessions were held for school teachers to carry out the lesson and sea water quality measurement by themselves. By the end of the project, model lessons were carried at 4 primary schools of floating villages, and a system was established to carry out the lesson once a year by school teaches of floating villages, in close cooperation and support with the school in land which supervises the schools in floating villages. The textbook produced in the project has been authorized by the Education Department of Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee.

Model lesson at a floating school

Result of sea water quality measurement at a floating school

Briefing session for floating school teachers

Training session among teachers of floating schools and the school in land

Lesson by a floating school teacher

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