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Grassroots Project for Environmental Protection in Ha Long Bay Area, Vietnam (2009-2012)
Activity 3: Promoting reduction of use of detergent at floating villages

In Vietnam, fish net is widely used when dish washing, but much detergent is used because of not easy to lather. In this regard, using acrylic scrubbing pads was introduced to wash dishes with less detergent.
As for clothes washing, residents also used too much detergent without measuring. Therefore, it was promoted to use appreciate amount of detergent indicated on detergent packaging.
To promote these approaches, workshops were organized to train some residents as community leaders at first, then resident seminars were organized to promote them among all residents.
These activities were carried out with the close cooperation of the Quang Ninh Provincial Women's Union, in conjunction of their own activity to promote clean kitchen, clean house and clean community. Besides, when Women's Union staffs visit floating villages, they monitored the use of detergent at some households and provided additional instructions and assistances.
With these efforts, many residents have come to use acrylic scrubbing pads and care about the use of detergent at the end of the project.

Marine Environmental Protection and Laundry Detergent (for Women's Union leaders) (in Vietnamese)
Let's Protect Beautiful Ha Long Bay (for community leader workshops and resident seminars) (in Vietnamese)
Leaflet on how to use acrylic scrubbing pads and detergent (in Vietnamese)

Fish net widely used for dishwashing in Vietnam

Lesson to Women's Union staff on crocheting acrylic scrubbing pads

Workshops to train community leaders

Resident seminar with demonstration of acrylic scrubbing pad use

Acrylic scrubbing pads made by floating village residents

Acrylic scrubbing pads with various design made by WU's staff

Exchange meeting among floating villages

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