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Grassroots Project for Environmental Protection in Ha Long Bay Area, Vietnam (2009-2012)
Activity 2: Promoting reduction and recycling of wastes from floating villages and tourist boats

a. Floating villages
Organic wastes and coal briquette ash were selected as targets for water reduction and recycling.

(i) Organic wastes
Composting was selected as a method for recycling of organic wastes and demonstrated at Vong Vieng Village where the president of the village cooperated with us to carry out composting activity. Since HBMD preferred to collect all organic wastes in a location in the floating village to make compost, rather than making compost at individual households, a yard for composting (3m x 5m) with roof was constructed. Then, a seminar was organized to some residents as well as to some HBMD staff to explain the composting methods by aerobic decomposition with a demonstration, and the composting activity was started by residents from June 2012. At the end of the project, composting work is properly carried out by a resident who is in charge of collecting wastes from households in the village.
Method of Composting Organic Waste at Floating Village in Ha Long Bay (in English)
Method of Composting Organic Waste at Floating Village in Ha Long Bay (in Vietnamese)
Composting Procedure (in English)
Composting Procedure (in Vietnamese)

A composting yard built in Vong Vieng Floating Village

A composting yard built in Vong Vieng Floating Village

Demonstration of composting

(ii) Coal briquette ash
As for recycling of coal briquette ash, a cement factory near from Ha Long City cooperated in receiving it as a cement material, and demonstration of transporting coal briquette ash was carried out 3 times during the project period and proved the recycling effective. However, transportation was costly for the resident and HBMD, therefore, this methods remained just as a demonstration and need to seek for further assistance for establishing a transportation system.

Demonstration of transporting coal briquette ash from a floating village to a cement factory in land

(iii) Distribution of waste sorting bins
To help composting organic waste, waste bins for separate collection of organic waste, inorganic wastes and coal briquette ash were distributed in two villages and a resident seminar was organized to inform how to sort wastes and its effect on environment protection.
Let's sort waste properly! (in Vietnamese)

Waste sorting bins for organic wastes

Waste sorting bins for inorganic wastes

Waste sorting bins for coal briquette ash

b. Tourist boats
Since pre-cooking of food materials on land is effective to reduce waste and wastewater generation on boats, this method was introduced and promoted to managers of tourist boat companies as a good and simple approach for the environmental protection at seminars and workshops, which were organized to raise aware on the importance environment protection of Ha Long Bay. Through this process, some other tourist boat companies started purchasing pre-cooked food materials from retailers, which make the same effect in the reduction of waste and wastewater reduction on boats. Therefore, the second method was also promoted for the tourist boat companies, too. With these efforts, the two approaches have come to be adopted by many tourist boat companies by the end of the project.

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