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JICA Training Course on Cool Earth Partnership Seminar

GEC implemented a new JICA training course "Cool Earth Partnership Seminar" from 13 to 23 April 2009 as a part of the Cool Earth Partnership. The purpose of this training course is to develop the capacity of policies against climate change in developing counties.
The Cool Earth Partnership is an initiative, which Mr. Yasuo Fukuda, then prime minister of Japan announced in Davos, Switzerland in January 2008, for assisting developing countries in taking countermeasures against climate change.
This course is organized and implemented by JICA and GEC.
GEC has contributed to developing countries through conducting these JICA training courses for environmental conservation.

-Period of the seminar: 9 to 24 April 2009 (13 to 23 April for the technical session)
-Target countries
Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and Uruguay,
-Number of Participants
12 persons (two from each country)
-Training contents
1) Tokyo(3 days)
 ・Lectures on Japanese policy for countermeasures against climate change
 ・Discussion and site visits to related organization and facilities
2) Osaka (1.5 days)
 ・Lectures on international framework of countermeasures against climate change
 ・Site visits to energy saving building and bio-ethanol producing facility etc

Outline of Seminar: Annex 1
Schedule: Annex 2
Overview of the Cool Earth Partnership: Annex 3

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