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JICA Training Course on Training Programme for Young Leaders of Environment

(May 2009)
The purpose of this programme is to provide young leaders who will become nation-building leaders in the future with opportunities to develop their specialities through experiencing and learning technologies and skills in Japan and to increase their willingness to resolve issues on their own.

 Details of the Training Course (General Information) JFY 2008
Note: GEC does not accept any applications for the above JICA training courses directly from the applicants. As for the inquiry on the application for the training courses, please contact JICA Overseas Offices in your country.

 Training Results

Fiscal year
Nationality of Participants
No. of Participants
Argentine, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala (3), Hondulas, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Republic of Dominica
El Salvador (2), Chile, Costa Rica (3), Haiti, Mexico (3), Panama, Peru

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