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JICA Training Course on Environmental Management in the Republic of Cuba

The Government of Cuba publicized its environment oriented policy and has been improving its legal and administrative systems, and developing human resources in environmental field since the Earth Summit 1992. Responding to this, JICA recognizes the environment as a key collaborative area and set up this training course as "Country-focused training for Cuba" in cooperation with GEC. GEC will accept 50 participants in total for 5 years starting from 2001.

In this training program, it is aimed that participants can foster their capability in formulating the comprehensive environment plans, with giving attention to environmental preservation, sustainable development, and pollution control.

In four-weeks training course, the theme in the first two weeks is environmental management and that of latter two weeks changes every year; organic waste water treatment (FY2001), inorganic waste water treatment (FY2002), solid waste treatment (FY2003), air pollution control (FY2004).

 Training Results

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