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Reports of MOEJ/GEC JCM Feasibility Study: FY2013

Title of Study JCM Feasibility Study
Replacing Grid Electricity with Sustainable Biomass Based Power Generation
FYFY 2013
Main Implementing EntityEX Research Institute Ltd.
Study Partners<Sri Lankan> Sri Lanka Carbon Fund (SLCF), and United Dendro Energy(UDE)
<Japanese> Obayashi Corporation, Hokuden Sogo Sekkei Corporation, and Japan Quality Assurance
Location of Project/ActivityMoneragala, and Hanbantota Districts, Sri Lanka
Category of Project/ActivityBiomass Utilisation
Study Report

Note: JCM proposed methodology, and calculation sheet are the result of the study. They have neither been officially approved, nor are guaranteed to be officially approved under the JCM.
Description of Project/ActivityBiomass power generation is considered to have the highest potential among the renewable power generation options in Sri Lanka. Two potential biomass power generation projects; SLCF’s project in Moneragala with 5.7MW power generation capacity, and UDE’s Project with 10 MW power generation capacities were identified for feasibility study.
JCM MethodologyEligibility Criteria
  • Criterion 1: The project installs a new power generation facility(ies) with installed capacity up to 10MW.
  • Criterion 2: The project sells electricity to the national grid and replaces the grid electricity.
  • Criterion 3: The net amount of electricity sold to the national grid, amount of biomass resources used for power generation and fuel consumption in the project are measurable based on the monitoring plan after the project starts.
  • Criterion 4: The biomass resources used in the project complies with one of the following conditions:
      a) the biomass resources are mentioned in the national guideline set by the Government of Sri Lanka “Guideline for Biomass Assessment in Sri Lanka” as energy source materials and the amount of biomass resources to be used by the project does not exceed the potential biomass supply estimated in the guideline in the biomass collection area of the project,
      b) the biomass resources used in the project are produced from plantation that is not included in the potential biomass supply estimation in the guideline,
      c) the biomass resources used in the project are approved by the Sri Lankan Government as harmful plants that should be removed from the area.
  • Criterion 5: Processed biomass resources such as pellets, briquettes and bio-cokes are not applicable to this methodology (Wood chips are not regarded as processed biomass resources).
  • Criterion 6: Power generation efficiency in the specification of the facility is beyond 25%. The power generation efficiency can be defined as amount of electricity generated by the facility divided by the input energy to the turbine.
  • Criterion 7: In the case where biomass is procured by the plantation, all the following conditions are satisfied.
      a) any chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides/ herbicides is not used.
      b) the land for the plantation is not categorized as forest, wetland or peat land (organic soil).
      c) In the case where the plantation is planned to be developed in the land that is categorized as forest area in the Sri Lankan land use regulation, the plantation plan needs to be approved by the Sri Lankan Government as the project with the purpose of rehabilitation of the land which is degraded due to the invasion of the harmful plants.
Default Values
  • Emission Factor for National Grid: 0.7350 [tCO2/MWh]
  • Emissions Arising from Cultivation of 1 ton of Biomass: 0.0269 [tCO2/t_Biomass]
  • Emissions Arising in Pretreatment of 1 ton of Biomass: 0.0154 [tCO2/t_Biomass]
  • Emission Factor for transportation of biomass: 0.0245 [tCO2/t_Biomass]
Calculation of Reference EmissionsREy =PEGy EFCO2,grid
REy: Reference emission [tCO2/y]
PEGy: Project net quantity of electricity generation and supply to the  grid in the project in year y [MWh/y]
EFCO2,grid: Emission factor for grid electricity [tCO2/MWh]
<SLCF> REy = 40,075 0.7350  = 29,455 (tCO2/y)
<UDE>  REy = 67,320 0.7350 = 49,480 (tCO2/y)
Monitoring Method
  • Net quantity of electricity generation and supply to the grid in the project, monitored one time per day
  • Consumption of grid electricity used onsite, monitored one time per day (*only in case net quantity of electricity supplied to the grid cannot be monitored separately)
  • Consumption of fossil fuel used onsite for auxiliary purposes, monitored each time.
  • Quantity of biomass fuel consumed, monitored each time
GHG Emission ReductionsERy = REy – PEy
    ERy: Emission Reduction in year y [tCO2/y]
    REy: Reference Emission in year y [tCO2/y]
    PEy: Project Emission in year y [tCO2/y]
    Reference Emission (tCO2/y)
    Project Emission (tCO2/y)
    Emission Reduction (tCO2/y)
Environmental ImpactsThis project complies with the standards stated in the Environmental Recommendation (generic standards in Sri Lanka).
Project PlanSufficient possibility for project realization was identified through the feasibility study; however, several issues remains to be confirmed, including, progress of JCM agreement, measures for country-specific risks, countermeasures for high interest rate/ exchange risk, specific planning of plant construction.
Promotion of Japanese TechnologiesEligibility criteria 6 (power generation efficiency >25%) is set to promote Japanese technology.
Sustainable Development in Host Country
  • Contribution to the Government’s target to supply 20% of grid power from renewable energy sources by 2020
  • Improvement in state finance conditions by reducing imports of fossil fuels
  • Creation of new income source and employment opportunities in biomass supply areas including the civil-war damaged areas.
  • Environmental improvement effects from biomass cultivation:
  • Mitigation of air pollution due to substitution of fossil fuels

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