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Reports of MOEJ/GEC JCM Methodology Demonstration Study: FY2013

Title of Study JCM Methodology Demonstration Study
Centralization of heat supply system by installation of high efficiency heat only boiler (HOB)
FYFY 2013
Main Implementing EntitySUURI-KEIKAKU CO.,LTD.
Study Partners<Japanese side> Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA), Climate Experts, Ltd., and JFE-Techno-Research Corporation
<Mongolian side> EEC Co.,Ltd , and National Renewable Energy Centre (NREC)
Location of Project/ActivityUlaanbaatar City, and Bornuur Soum, Mongolia
Category of Project/ActivityEnergy efficiency improvement
Study Report

Note: JCM proposed methodology, and calculation sheet are the result of the study. They have neither been officially approved, nor are guaranteed to be officially approved under the JCM.
Description of Project/ActivityThe project is the infrastructure built in Bornuur Soum of Tuv Aimag in Mongolia, comprising of the installation of Heat Only Boilers (HOBs) as well as pipe laying work, electrical construction and boiler building construction.
The project of 118th School in Ulaanbaatar is the expansion of the HOBs capacity.
JCM MethodologyEligibility CriteriaCriterion 1:  The technology to be employed in this methodology is coal-fired heat only boiler (HOB) for heat water supply system.
Criterion 2: The HOB to target for the project activity is defined as a boiler used for heat supply which has capacity of 0.10MW – 3.15MW.
Criterion 3: The project activity encompasses installation of new HOB, replacement of the existing coal-fired one and expansion of the capacity for the existing coal-fired one.
Criterion 4: The project HOBs have dust collectors. In case of a HOB which dust collector is not set up, dust collector is additionally installed with the installed HOB for pollution-abatement measure.
Criterion 5: Boiler operation manual and maintenance manual is established.
Criterion 6: The catalog value of boiler efficiency of project HOB is more than 75%.
Criterion 7: One of the following technologies is applied to project HOB.
- The boiler has the function to feed uniformly coal on the stoker.
- The boiler has the adjustment system of the combustion air.
- The boiler has the function for preventing air-invasion into the furnace.
Default ValuesBoiler Efficiency of Reference HOB: 0.51 [No dimension]
Boiler Efficiency of Project HOB: 0.62 [No dimension]
CO2 Emission Factor of the consumed coal: 0.09848 [tCO2/GJ]
Calculation of Reference EmissionsBased on literature research, interview survey of experts and the field survey of some Soums in Tuv Aimag, the reference HOB was set as the vertical boiler.
The reference emissions are calculated by the net heat quantity supplied by the project HOB, boiler efficiency and CO2 emission factor.
Monitoring MethodMain Monitoring Parameter is , which is Net heat quantity supplied by the Project HOB during the monitoring period p [GJ/p].
Measuring frequency: Continuously
Recording frequency: Hourly
Result of Monitoring
Monitoring site: 79th School in Ulaanbaatar
Monitoring period: 2013/11/19 - 2013/12/29
Integrated value of heat quantity: 250.3 (GJ/p)
Supposed integrated value of heat quantity of Bornuur Soum project: 11,115 (GJ/p)
Supposed integrated value of heat quantity of 118th School project: 5,130 (GJ/p)
GHG Emission ReductionsProject emissions are calculated by the net heat quantity supplied by the project HOB, boiler efficiency and CO2 emission factor. Additionally, project emissions are calculated by the electricity consumption and CO2 emission factor of the grid.
Emission Reductions are calculated from reference emissions and project emissions.

: Emission Reductions in year p [tCO2/p]
: Reference Emissions in year p [tCO2/p]
: Project Emissions in year p [tCO2/p]
Supposed CO2 Emission Reductions of Bornuur Soum Project: 364 (tCO2/p)
Supposed CO2 Emission Reductions of 118th school Project: 168 (tCO2/p)The JCM project of Bornuur Soum is deemed to be necessary to implement the detailed natural environment impact assessment.
Environmental ImpactsThe JCM project of Bornuur Soum is deemed to be necessary to implement the detailed natural environment impact assessment.
Promotion of Japanese TechnologiesSince there will be a possibility to introduce Japanese elemental technologies such as burners and re-combustion equipment for improvement of boiler efficiency, Japanese assistance, such as survey and study on introduction of prototypes, is expected to be given.
In the field of nonstructural measures such as development of proper technology for boiler operation, it is most likely that Japanese technical assistances are demanded.
Sustainable Development in Host CountryThe coal consumption will be reduced in Ulaanbaatar City and rural cities of Mongolia to improve air pollution in Mongolia and prolong coal resource deposit life.
Development and Deployment of Similar ProjectsThe potential of replacement and installation of HOB is high in Ulaanbaatar city, because of the air pollutant measures, city planning in the yurt area, rapid increase in population, and so on.
There are a lot of HOBs in the local areas of Mongolia. There are old types of HOBs in these areas because of lack of budget. Therefore, the potential of project of HOB is high.

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