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Feasibility Study Programme on Climate Change Mitigation Activities/Projects

Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) has been implementing the Feasibility Study (FS) Programme on Climate Change Mitigation Activities/Projects, under the commission of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ). The FS programme aims to support Japanese entities (such as private companies and NGO/NPOs) to undertake feasibility studies regarding projects or activities to be developed and implemented under the climate change mitigation mechanisms, in the context of the UNFCCC scheme. GEC serves as the secretariat of the FS programme, and makes FS reports and related information publicly available.

Adoption of JCM Studies 2013 - for GHG Mitigation Projects/Activities

The all study reports are available through following links:
Feasibility/Demonstration Studies for New Mechanisms Project/Activities (to be possibly introduced the post-2012 framework)
Feasibility Studies for CDM/JI Projects
<Image of Mechanisms for Climate Change Mitigation Projects/Activities under the UNFCCC scheme>
(Negotiation scheme until COP18)


<Department in charge>
Carbon Management Department, Project Division, GEC

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