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Reports of New Mechanisms Feasibility Studies: FY2011

Title of Feasibility Study (FS)New Mechanism Feasibility Study for REDD+ in Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia
FYFY 2011
Main Implementing EntityMitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Co., Ltd.
FS PartnersWaseda University, Ehime University, Palangka Raya University, PT. MU Research and Consulting Indonesia and KOKUSAI KOGYO
Location of Project ActivityIndonesia
Category of Project ActivityREDD+
Summary of FS ReportPDF (809KB)
Description of Project/ ActivityWe studied activities to prevent deforestation and forest degradation located in peat land. In addition we analyzed drivers of deforestation and forest degradation and counter measures to them.
Reference Scenario and Project/ Activity BoundaryReference level was established by 10 years historical trend of deforestation and forest degradation. Land boundary was identifies as 28,000 ha in Paduran Mulia Village, Sebangau Kuala Sub-District, Pulang Pisau District, Central Kalimantan Province.
Monitoring Methods and PlanMonitoring methods were based on integration between remote-sensing analysis and field survey.
GHG Emissions and ReductionsThe GHG emission reduction was estimated as 9,344Gg CO2 for 20 years (mean annual reduction: 467 Gg CO2/yr).
MRV System for GHG ReductionsMeasurement was based on integration between remote-sensing analysis and field survey. Reporting and Verification was based on ISO14065 or other credible standards.
Analysis of Environmental, Socioeconomic and other Impacts (including Securement of Environmental Integrity)Preventing deforestation and forest degradation should bring some positive effects on environmental and socioeconomic conditions.
Financial PlanningFinancial plan will be based on discussions with private company of Japan.
Introduction of Japanese TechnologyUsing GPS technique or other related techniques are essential to rural people in the target area.
(i.e. Improvement of Local Environmental Problems)
Preventing deforestation and forest degradation will bring some positive effects, for example, biological diversity, forest resources management, enhancement of water quality and so on.
Contribution to Sustainable Development in Host CountryPreventing deforestation and forest degradation and forest resources management will bring life style improvements, land management system and so on.

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