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Reports of New Mechanisms Feasibility Studies: FY2010

Title of Feasibility Study (FS)Feasibility Study for NAMA in Waste and Wastewater Management Sector in Thailand
FYFY 2010
Main Implementing EntityPC-Institute for Global Environment Research (PC-iGER), Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd.
FS Partner(s)Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO)
Location of Project ActivityThailand
Category of Project ActivityWaste & Wastewater Management
Summary of FS ReportPDF (527KB)
Description of Project(s)/Activity(ies)We developed a “7 Steps Methodology” for NAMA planning and applied it to waste management sector to set reference scenarios, identify NAMA project candidates, calculate GHG emission reduction potential, etc.
Reference ScenarioSet by applying the above mentioned methodology
Monitoring PlanSet by applying the above mentioned methodology
Estimation of GHG Emission ReductionsCalculated by applying the above mentioned methodology
MRV Method
(*MRV = Measurement, Reporting, and Verification)
Set by applying the above mentioned methodology
Environmental Impact AnalysisPositive impact and environment improvement is expected such as reduction of leachate and odor.
(i.e. Improvement of Local Environmental Problems)
Contribution to Sustainable Development in Host CountryThe NAMA project candidates can contribute to “Waste to Energy” which is one of the important issue for sustainable development in Thailand.

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