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Reports of CDM Feasibility Studies: FY2012

Title of Feasibility Study (FS)Landfill Gas (LFG) Recovery and Utilization
for Electric Power Generation
FYFY 2012
Main Implementing EntityMitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.
FS Partner(s)Kaung Kyaw Say Engineering Co., Ltd.
Location of Project ActivityRepublic of the Union of Myanmar
Yangon City
Category of Project ActivityWaste Management
Targeted GHGMethane (CH4)
Description of Project ActivityThe Project involves the installation of an LFG collection system and an enclosed flare at a landfill (final waste disposal site) located in Yangon City, Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Prior to the start of this FS it was planned to use the captured LFG for the generation of electricity; however, LFG flaring option was selected on the basis of the LFG volume estimation conducted in the FS.
Methodology to be appliedAMS-III.G. Version 08 "Landfill methane recovery"
Baseline ScenarioThe baseline is the situation where in the absence of the Project activity, biomass and other organic matter are left to decay within the Project boundary and methane is emitted into the atmosphere. As no regulations requiring partial LFG collection and/or its utilization exist in Myanmar, the entire amount of captured LFG is included in the baseline.
Monitoring PlanThe monitoring plan is based on direct measurement of the amount of LFG collected and flared by the Project, as well as the consumption of electricity by the Project facility.
Estimation of GHG Emission Reductions8,662tCO2/yr
Duration of Project Activity/ Crediting Period2013 - 2022 / 10 years
Environmental Impact AnalysisCurrently, there are no regulations in Myanmar that require conducting environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the Project. The implementation of the Project will deliver a number of positive environmental effects.
Demonstration of AdditionalityThe Project meets the requirements of the "Guidelines for demonstrating additionality of microscale project activities" (ver. 04.0), and is considered additional.
Project FeasibilityKKS has been discussing the implementation of this Project with Yangon City and with a Korean engineering company which will co-finance the Project. The adoption of new laws, such as Foreign Investment Law, Environmental Conservation Law, and a tendering system in Myanmar is also expected to affect the feasibility of this Project.
Contribution to Sustainable Development in Host CountryYangon City is the biggest commercial city in Myanmar and, with the country's economy being liberalized as a result of the democratization in 2012, the city has been witnessing an increasing number of foreign businesses being established and the accelerated migration of people from the countryside. These developments are likely to result in further aggravation of waste management problems. The early implementation of the project is expected to contribute to the mitigation of urban environmental and health issues in Yangon City.

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