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Reports of CDM/JI Feasibility Studies: FY2010

Title of Feasibility Study (FS)Feasibility Study on Multiple CDM of the Solid Waste Intermediate Treatment Facility and Methane Gas Power Generation in Ipoh city, Malaysia
FYFY 2010
Main Implementing EntityYachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
FS Partner(s)Kajima Corporation, LTC Alam Bersih Sdn.Bhd. (LTC)
Location of Project ActivityMalaysia (Ipoh City, State of Perak)
Category of Project ActivityWaste Management
Targeted GHGCO2, CH4
Duration of Project Activity/ Crediting Period
  • LFG recovery and utilization in a landfill site:
      Project implementation period: 7 years/ Crediting period: 7 years
  • Composting of organic waste (MBT):
      Project implementation period: 10 years/ Crediting period: 10 years
Summary of FS ReportPDF (137KB)
Description of Project ActivityIn the final landfill site in Ipoh city, the state of Perak, Malaysia, (1) an aerobic treatment (composting) of organic waste, (2) landfill gas (Landfill Gas: LFG) recovery and use, and (3) an improvement of water quality in the landfill site, are carried out and the stable treatment of solid waste is executed.
The (1) and (2) activities are carried out complexly and it is the purpose for feasibility of cobenefit-type CDM called "the environmental improvement in circumference of a landfill site and the life extension of the landfill site by reducing the waste volume" and "the greenhouse gas reduction by CDM" used as the antipollution measures in host country.
Methodology to be applied
  • LFG recovery and utilization in a landfill site: ACM0001 (version 11)
  • Composting of organic waste (MBT): AM0025 (version 12)
Baseline Scenario
  • LFG recovery and utilization in a landfill site:
    • LFG discharge to the atmosphere
    • Existing and/or new power plant connected to grids
  • Composting of organic waste (MBT):
    • Solid waste disposal in the landfill site without LFG recovery
Demonstration of AdditionalityThere is no chance that a similar to this project will be carried out and since being registered as a CDM project is indispensable to implementation of this project, it can be judged that there is additionality in this project.
Estimation of GHG Emission Reductions
  • LFG recovery and utilization in a landfill site: 400,995tCO2
  • Composting of organic waste (MBT): 44,455tCO2
Monitoring Plan
  • LFG recovery and utilization in a landfill site:
    • Amount of methane actually collected (MDproject, y)
    • Amount of methane of flare combustion (MDflare, y)
    • Amount of methane used for power generation (MDelectricity, y)
    • Amount of power generated by LFG (ELLFG, y, ETLFG, y)
    • Amount of Energy consumed through project activities, etc.
  • Composting of organic waste (MBT):
    • Electric power through project activities (EGPJ, EF, y)
    • Fuel consumption (Fcons, y)
    • Amount of compost production (Mcompost)
    • The number of deficiency-of-oxygen samples of a compost process, etc.
Environmental Impact AnalysisThe environmental impact assessment (EIA) for this CDM project to construct facilities in the existing final landfill site is unnecessary and it is confirmed that it is satisfactory by presentation of the simple environmental report called Preliminary EIA.
Project FeasibilityIt can be said that the adjustment of the person concerned is still insufficient in order to realize the CDM projects. In addition to this situation, the plan of new landfill site has surfaced in Ipoh city and detailed contents have not been determined yet. Therefore, the great influence to the project implementation will be predicted from now on. Although there is a possibility of project implementation in a technical side and a funding side, it can be said that it is necessary to judge the final project implementation after confirming the social conditions or the intention of person concerned.
"Co-benefits" (i.e. Improvement of Local Environmental Problems)
  • The environmental improvement in circumference of a landfill site such as improvement of an odor and COD in the waste water.
  • The life extension of the landfill site by reducing the waste volume
Contribution to Sustainable Development in Host Country-

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