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Reports of CDM/JI Feasibility Studies: FY2005

Title of the researchIndonesia - High Quality Fuelisation of Waste Biomass and its Advanced Utilisation
FYFY 2005
Main research orgnisationIshikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
Research partner(s)None
Location of the projectIndonesia (Province of West Sumatra)
Summary of the research report (PDF)200514.pdf
Description of the projectIn a palm oil mill, a large amount of palm oil cake, such as empty fruit brunches (EFBs), shells, and fibers, is discarded. EFBs contain about 60% of moisture because fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) are streamed. The high moisture content EFBs are difficult to be used as a fuel, and currently incinerated without collecting energy or piled outdoors in the palm farm or the vicinity of the oil mill. The EFBs piled outdoors decay, emitting methane into the air.
The EFB carbonized fuel replaces fossil fuel to reduce coal consumption to achieve reduction of green house gases (GHG). In this project, the carbonized fuels made from EFBs and pruned leaves are called EFB carbonized fuel (ECF: EFB Carbonized Fuel).
As users of the carbonized fuel, cement factories that consume a large amount of coal are targeted. As a heat source for clinker manufacturing, a large amount of coal produced domestically is consumed. By replacing part of it with the carbonized fuel originated from EFBs, GHG originated from coal will be reduced.
This scheme shows as followers.
Sector of the projectBiomass Utilisation
Duration of the project activity/ crediting period2008 - 2017
Baseline methodology/additionalityACM0003: Emissions reduction through partial substitution of fossil fuels with alternative fuels in cement manufacture
Estimation of GHG emissions
Baseline emissions, ton-CO2/year
Project emissions, ton-CO2/year
CERs, ton-CO2/year
Total CERs 533,160ton-CO2/year 
Monitoring methodologyApproved monitoring methodology ACM0003, “Emissions reduction through partial substitution of fossil fuels with alternative fuels in cement manufacture”
Environmental impactThe project activity is considered to have negligible impact on the environment.
Issues and tasks for project implementationThe major subjects are followers
・Evaluate the accurate business and plant costs
・Investment design
・Approval by Host country as CDM project
・ Finance planinng

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