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Activities in Fiscal Year 2006

International Cooperation: Technical Support for Developing Countries
  • Promoting UNEP DTIE IETC’s Activities of Disseminating Information on Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs) and Technology Transfer
    • Report on Eco-Towns
    • Eco-Town Project Activities
    • Hosting of the "Thematic Session on Environmentally Sustainable Industrial
    • Development; The Concept of Eco-Towns in the Asia-Pacifi c Region"
    • Promoting the Spread of Information on ESTs
    • Urban Water Issues
    • Support for the UNEP Project on Support for Environmental Management of the Iraqi Marshlands
    • Website on Wastewater Treatment (GESAP)
    • Disaster Prevention and Management
  • International Cooperation in Developing Countries
    • Environmental Conservation Activities Involving Local Residents of Thailand's Tha Chin River Basin
    • Osaka-Asia 3R Technology Support Project
  • Contribution to Measures for the Mitigation of Climate Change
    • CDM/JI Feasibility Study Programme
    • Hosting of the "CDM/JI Symposium 2006"
    • Collection and Distribution of CDM/JI related Information
    • Osaka CDM Network
    • Study on New Energy Systems
Training of Environmental Technology
  • Human Resource Development in Developing Countries
    • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Group Training Project
      • Environmental Policy & Environmental Management Systems Ⅱ
      • Pollution Controls for Hazardous Substances in the Environment
      • Urban Solid Waste ManagementⅡ
      • Air Pollution ControlⅡ
      • China-Japan Policies of Climate Change and CDM
    • GEC Networking Project for Former Training Participants
  • Dissemination of Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
    • EMS Training Courses
    • Dissemination of EMS Overseas
PR and Educational Activities
  • Support for UNEP Special Envoy Activities
  • Promotion of IETC Projects & Joint PR
  • PR Activities
  • Upkeep of the Library
  • Maintenance and Enhancement of Information Systems
Provision of Facilities to IETC

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