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Activities in Fiscal Year 2001

Projects Supporting UNEP-IETC
  • Providing of Office Space and Equipmen
  • Information Gathering and Dissemination/Educational and Promotional Activities
    • Promotion of Environmentally Sound Technology (EST) Information Dissemination and Technology Transfer
      • The International Seminar on Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs) for Energy and Land-based Transportation
    • Japan Environmental Technology Information Database Updated and Expanded
      • Updating NETT21 Information
      • Collection of Information on Energy-Saving Technology at Business-Related Buildings
    • Support for Dissemination of IETC's Searchable ESTs Directory/Database: "maESTro"
    • GEC and IETC Information Service Maintenance Management and Expansion
    • Assisting to Publish a Booklet on Rainwater Harvesting and Utilization
    • IETC Publicity Activities Using the GEC Newsletter and Website
    • Support to IETC Japanese Website
    • Publishing NETT21 Introductory Pamphlet
  • Seminars and Symposia
    • Support and Participation in the Regional Workshops for Local Governments on MSWM
    • Participation in the Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Urban Environmental Management: EMS Training
    • Participation in Workshop on EMS: Raising Awareness
  • Other Activities
    • Project for UNEP Special Envoy's Activities
    • Support to the Fourth IETC's International Advisory Board
    • Participation in "UNEP Day" at Kitakyushu Expo-Festival 2001
    • Participation in the International Cooperation Festival 2001
    • Participation in the One World Festival
    • Participation in "EnvironmexAsia 2001/WatermexAsia 2001"
    • Participation in "GLOBE 2002"
Projects to Providing a Platform for Supporting UNEP and Promoting International Cooperation
  • Survey and Research Projects
    • Promotion of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Auditing
      • Environmental Auditor Formal Training Courses and Internal Environmental Auditor Training Courses
      • Support for EMS-Related Projects
      • EMS Implementation in GEC
    • Feasibility Studies on Climate Change Mitigation Projects for CDM and JI
    • Environmental Cooperation Project on Energy Use with Chongqing, China
    • Study on New Energy Systems
    • Promotion of Environmental Conservation
  • Information Collection and Dissemination / Educational and Promotional Activities
    • Management of a Library on Environmental Issues
    • Publication of GEC Newsletter and Annual Report
    • PR and Open Information on the GEC Website
  • Training Projects
    • JICA Training Course on Heavy Metal Pollution Control
    • JICA Environmental Management Seminar
    • JICA Training Course on Urban Solid Waste Management
    • JICA Training Course on Air Pollution Control
    • Preliminary Survey for New JICA Course in Cuba and Its Establishment
    • GEC Networking Project for Former Training Participants
  • Seminars and Symposia
    • Holding the Meeting for Environmentally Affluent Society in Osaka Prefecture
    • CDM Forum 2001
  • Other Activities
    • Participation in ECO-ASIA 2001
    • Cooperation with the APEC Steering Council of Environmental Technology Exchange Promotion
    • Participation in the International Environmental Cooperation Forum, West Japan
    • GEC/JCB Card
    • Establishment of the GEC Friend-Membership

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